Stuck in my HEAD!

Snoop Dogg’s Gangsta Luv is now officially stuck in my head!
with INXS’ – To Look at You

Along with Bob Schneider’s – 40 Dogs

Mix in a  few snippets of  Willie Nelson infused with Shelby Lynne.

Of course a little lady gaga and some random rap songs


2008 Ozone Awards

Recently we went to a Houston Texans game. Lucky to find a good deal online, we headed for the Hilton in downtown Houston. Upon arrival is was apparent something was going one and I headed into our hotel to to get the keys. It was the 2008 Ozone Magazine Awards and it participants were in full effect around 4 pm. Talk about feeling like a cracker. I strolled into the lobby in my KISS shirt and was laughed at immediately by a guy I would have hired for a body guard. He gave me a break when I told him I was going to see the Texans. Here is just one of many videos filmed around the hotel. I will add more as I find them.

I really wanted to know who was AT the Awards. I watch a lot of rap videos. I love the music and can watch the hoochies shake their juicy crazy shaped booties for hours. My first thought was I wanna see Lil Mama or Kelis. I didn’t know what the hell was going one at these awards I wasn’t even sure if I liked rap or hip hop or what. I’ve been searching for some photos or video. Finally tonight, there it was. Outkast. Maybe just Big Boi. Damn I could have be standing next to him by the elevator. Would love to see them (him) perform. I did find out someone slapped Trae in the face, but I couldn’t actually find him getting slapped. When I went to get ice at around 2:30 am, two young guys told me I was fine. I think they were suffering from a skunk attack in our hallway! The whole adventure was a lot like being in a rap video without having to shake my ass and the Texans won!


I have to redeem myself for the Sailing video. I’m still listening to it, but this should prove I am young and fresh! As well as old and weird.

Little Mama – Lip Gloss

Avril Lavigne & Lil’ Mama – Girlfriend
Hey Avril is a HEll MAryS!!!HEll Yeah!!!
Texas Rollergirls Season starts March 2, 2008.


Those outfits are pretty cool!!! they are really going for it!!!!
Happy Thursday.