Medical Marijuana in Texas

Includes commentary by Willie Nelson and Ray Benson

Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys – Faded Love

Bob Wills was the driving force behind Western Swing, a form of country & western that was broader in scope than the parent genre. A master at synthesizing styles, Wills brought jazz, hillbilly, boogie, blues, big-band swing, rhumba, mariachi, jitterbug music and more under his ecumenical umbrella. He has been called “the King of Western Swing” and “the first great amalgamator of American music.” Wills grew up in a part of Texas where diverse cultures and forms of music overlapped. His enthusiasm and mastery were such that he assimilated disperate genres into what might best be termed American music. (Wills called it “Texas fiddle music.”)


I took the paragraph above from YouTube. Thought it was great. I grew up dancing on my grandad’s feet to Bob Wills and his music stands the test of time for being really fantastic.  I think I may have sat in Bob Will’s lap in Turkey at some point. A lot of my family lives in Memphis, Tx just down the road and my great aunt Starr once told me a story that led me to believe some lyrics refer to her daddy hanging out with Bob. Thank God, Willie Nelson, Ray Benson & Asleep at the Wheel, Ray Price, etc are keeping western swing alive! I’ve been lucky to see Johnny Gimble many times. Ahhhhh haaa. Bring on home, boys…

Stay All Night with Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys & the 3 Stooges

My Great Aunt Starr and her daddy some where in the Texas Panhandle

I remember dancing on my granddad’s feet to Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys. My grandparents in Memphis, Texas (where I was born) used to run in Bob’s circles since he was just down the road in Turkey, Texas

 Once when I took my mom to the Broke Spoke in Austin, Asleep at the Wheel played. In case you don’t know, they are the current kings and queen of Western Swing with many Bob Wills’ songs up their sleeves. After the show ended, I grabbed my mother and hurried her towards Ray Benson. Acting as if I was being paid to snap this photo and I was his wrangler, I threw my mother at him, “Hi Ray! This is my mother, Liz. She is from Memphis, Texas.”

Beth and Mama at the Broken Spoke

I met Ray when when I worked at the Austin Children’s Museum, but he had no idea who I was, but kindly posed a like a true southern gentleman and nearly made my mom faint when he replied something cool that include the worlds “Hall County“. Thanks Ray Benson! You made my mother’s night! See all the fun things we did that day, including France Nail’s play “I’m Not The Woman I Used To Be” featuring Karen Kuykendall!

Mama & Ray Benson at the Broken Spoke

I heard a lot of Bob Wills as a kid and with my husband playing in a band many Sundays at the Common Ground  in Bastrop, Texas. I also watched a lot of the 3 Stooges! This is perfect!!!

I’ve been so lucky to see Johnny Gimble play many times in Texas, including with Willie Nelson. God Bless Texas!!!  YYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAWWWWWWWWW and a Hell YEah!

Thanks for reading!
XXOOO, Beth in Texas


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