Chickens live next door!  Clucking  a l l   t h e   t i m e !  I am clucking like a chicken above as heard in the Cadbury bunny commercial! I can  imitate a pretty good chicken cluck. One day I’ll cluck back. It’s only a matter of clucking time. I like hearing the chickens, but they are a bit eerie at times and sometimes they stare at me through the fence. I also stare at them through the fence and wonder if I am as creepy to them.

This goes out to my friend Troy Breeding.

I made this animated gif on my iPhone which almost makes me fall through the floor. It can only get dumber from here! HAPPY EASTER!!! Bahhhh bcccaaaaaaaaaaa

Favorite Red Heads

The Scarlot Harlot  just dyed her hair magenta which makes it a really loud maroonish color. She loves it! Unfortunately, the color must be seeping into her brain because she MUST list her FAVORITE REDHEADS!

Favorite Redheads

In the Middle Ages, the color red  represented the devil. Times haven’t changed much!!!! These are in no particular order.