Wig head

I have a Styrofoam head like this. When I put a wig on it, the damn thing falls over. Yeah, I know I need a little stand the head fits on and clamps to the table… Some of the problems I solve in a day are so dumb! ha!


I solved the problem by using a piece of packing foam from a tv and I stuck a dowel rod thru it. I stuck some felt over the dowel and stuck on the head. I will put some sort of skirt around the neck.I love being able to pin stuff on Styrofoam!

I weighed it down with my magic book &  WHaaa LA!


The wig head doesn’t tip over anymore!!! YIPEEEE! I will fix my wig a bit.
Once I finish these photos, I will put them in my Countrystarr Etsy store  to sell this headband.

Check back to see the real photos and tell me how I did! CHEERS!


what to do on a sunday

Last Sunday, without even having to call her,
Christina showed up ready for arts and crafts. 
Here are the FRUITS of our labor.


Beth – black felt backing and red plaid leaf.
Christina – white felt backing with skull print leaf.
Sequins are FUN!


Later, I finished this flaming skate!
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