Scarlot Harlot…in search of a giant hot dog!

scarlot harlot in seach of a giant hot dog

Dumber than it has to be, the Scarlot Harlot visits the Texas Rollergirls in search of the biggest wiener. This little piece obviously isn’t being submitted to ESPN. READ ALL ABOUT!!!!

Better buy your tickets now for the the Texas Rollergirl Championships August 3, 2008

Eat great food by Traveling Bistro and drink bottomless mimosas at NOMAD on Sundays starting at 11 a.m. Thanks for Reading!!! Without you, I am just some nutso redhead with a bunch of photos of women beating the crap out of each other on skates!

XXOXOOX, Scarlot Harlot


I don’t want to believe it’s true

I want to believe there will be more episodes. I’m living a lie!


The Pretender

Enjoy this ROCKIN FOO FIGHTERS VIDEO  – The Pretender

MTV’s TRL will premiere the video for “Long Road To Ruin” this Thursday, November 1st. Be sure to tune in. I know TRL is gay, but the FOO FIGHTERS ROCKKKKKKKKKKKK!

chimpmic.jpgNERD NOTE: As a webmistress, I would like to be ultra nerdy and point out the amazing technology being used here. YouTube and Word Press, are the best. Anyone can run their own blog. Maybe they  need a little help with some elements and then YouTube makes SO easy to add a video to your blog or web page! WOW!

If you were an Internet dinosaur like me, you might remember when there weren’t even photos on the Internet. Having a video on your web page was for mega nerds who knew about bandwidth, video compression, etc. There was no hope 10 years ago of easily keeping a blog or web diary unless you were knee deep in cgi and trying to figure out if you trusted JAVA. They are programing languages. Don’t worry about it! Someone else is taking care of it. So if you want a blog or some video on your web page. I haven’t uploaded videos to You Tube, but it’s obvious some monkeys are uploading their own videos. That’s right clips from the CHIMP CHANNEL on YouTube!

Nerd out,  Beth Been
Groovee Fortune – Some day soon you’ll need a web page

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