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Swingtown gives me Boogie Fever


“My name is Beth and I am a Netflix Addict. It’s been five minutes since my last Showtime Series.”

It’s true. Now that I can watch Netflix on my computer, I’ve seen the first season of Californication, Swingtown and am well into the first season of Hotel Babylon in no time at all. All great shows but my main focus here is Swingtown from the director of “Big Love” and “Rome.”

Let’s all dive back into the 70s where there was really a chance you might get to sleep with your neighbor’s wife. The wife swapping, the groovy clothes, the cocaine, the HUSTLE! It’s all there, but the show does a great job of developing the characters and making it funny and crazy without looking like Hustler magazine. A great insight to the sexual revolution and women’s struggling to become equals with their husbands and move out into the working world.


I am a fan of Molly Parker who played Alma Garret, a rich woman who inherited her murdered husband’s gold claim on Deadwood and not just because she reminds me of my old friend Hissy Fit. The main swinger lady reminds me of one of my best friends, Christina Cagle aka Satina. The clothes and music are great. A battle between the June Cleavers of the world and the ladies who want a little more. Unfortunatley, there is only one season of Swingtown despite efforts to bring it back and you will want to know what happens after episode 13!


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