Country Gigham Hoot Owl Mask

Countrystarr by Beth Been – Beth Been’s 2011 Summer Wardrobe

I’ve been busy busy busy sewing sewing sewing. Check out my 2011 Summer Wardrobe created from old clothes and $60.

Anna Wintour, the high-queen of haute couture

This 60 Minutes interview with Anna Wintour inspired me to be serious about sewing. I didn’t expect to like Anna Wintour, but I do. She makes me think of Barbra Striesand & Janice from the Muppets. Thanks Anna, it takes a lot for me to be super serious about sewing.
I love Vogue and you!

I will be posting more creations very soon on

Mrs. Brownie Dress

Dress #8. Mrs. Brownie Scout. As a kid, I chose gymnastics over being a Brownie or Girl Scout but now I have an Adult size Brownie Dress. Maybe I’ll get my sewing badge. Sorry I couldn’t make it hang straight. My dress form needs to EAT!

This is the first non stretchable fabric I have sewn with. I got a really great deal on fabric, ric rac and patches at Treasure City Thrift. This dress not counting the time it took to wrangler a giant tent into something that fit, probably cost me about $4. Yipeee!

Yes the dress looks like a gingerbread house and should probably have a gingerbread man on the pocket, but this Boy Scout patch was just too sweet! I am in love with this dress even though the bust line is too high!!

Plutopia 2009 Smidget

I, Beth Been, am participating in Plutopia 2009: Living Systems. In an attempt to be as interactive as possible, I am sharing a little piece of the art and info related to this project.

Roller Derby in the Living Systems Theory according to the Scarlot Harlot is based on the digram below. Sorry for the long title. For some reason it had to be that way. In the end I am not sure how closely my final product will stick to the explanation, but the whole artwork started from this diagram and reading. Something being broken off from society in their own living system and needing certain things to keep it going. Currently, this work contains paint, paper, and glitter. Soon there will be a red plaid skirt and flowers. I’m NOT showing an example of the work below. That is just the inspirational diagram. You’ll have to come back to see if I show you any of it!!!

the Living Systems Theory

The Nitrogen Cycle is almost finished in felt, cross stitch, sewing, etc. I give you a small sample of the labels and a duck. There’s also a deer and some other happy faces. There are rumors of a duck tiara. Hell maybe a deer one, too.

The Nitrogen Cycle text and duck sample

Comments???? Thanks for reading!!!!

Banner Art by Beth Been

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in so long! I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff. Will try to catch you up on all the crazy twists and turns of October and on into November. I put up art in a building in downtown Austin, Texas. It’s not open to the public so i wanted you to see it! The banners are the newest creations. The were a lot of fun to make! See more creations by Beth Been at Countrystarr.

Beth Been Art Display Austin Texas

Beth Been Art ~ Austin, Texas
Thanks Jonari!!!!

Madre del Senor Banner by Beth Been

Madre del Señor Banner by Beth Been

Wrestler Banner by Beth Been

Wrestler Banner by Beth Been

Senorita Scarlot Banner by Beth Been

Señorita Scarlot Banner by Beth Been

what to do on a sunday

Last Sunday, without even having to call her,
Christina showed up ready for arts and crafts. 
Here are the FRUITS of our labor.


Beth – black felt backing and red plaid leaf.
Christina – white felt backing with skull print leaf.
Sequins are FUN!


Later, I finished this flaming skate!
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