Stuck in my HEAD!

Snoop Dogg’s Gangsta Luv is now officially stuck in my head!
with INXS’ – To Look at You

Along with Bob Schneider’s – 40 Dogs

Mix in a  few snippets of  Willie Nelson infused with Shelby Lynne.

Of course a little lady gaga and some random rap songs


75 Years of Willie Nelson!!!!

Willie Nelsons 75th Birthday

Dear Willie,

Your birthday kind of snuck up on me this year and it’s a big one!!! I didn’t have time to get you a decent present so I thought I would share my Shelby Lynne photos with you. I have some Willie Photos, too. My friend, Miss Missy, got me some SWEET tickets to see Miss Lynne in Austin at Antones. She was FANTASTIC and left me speechless!!! I was hoping you would be there but I am guessing you were in Amsterdam with Snoop Dog? Hell YEah!!!

I suggest you open up Shelby’s Web Page and listen to a few songs  while looking at Shelby photos and then check out this Birthday Playlist I made with you, Shelby, Bob Wills, the Highway Men, etc.

Willie, I’ve seen you LIVE at the Backyard, Buffalo Billards, Stubb’s, Wimberly, Waterloo Records, the Parmount, Tower Records, the Bass Concert Hall, Luckenbach, 4th of July Picnic at some split creek, etc….with Neil Young, Dennis Quaid, Kris Kristofferson,  Ray Price, Johnny Gimble, Los Lonely Boys, Titty Bingo…..and I just can’t ever get enough. You ROCK!!! and you RULE!!!! Much love to you.


Love, Beth, Beau, Lacy & Hot Potato Been


Beth and Willie Nelson

 maybe i always wear animal print to see willie?