Bob Ray’s short film “Sacked”

When Bob Ray of Crashcam Films ask me to make 3 copies of 3 sack puppets in a week, I of course having lived through many days of 100+ weather  jumped at the chance. Nothing stirs up creativity in me like stupid ass challenge involving materials I haven’t really used. Paper sacks are unforgiving and fragile. They do weird things to glue, especially hot glue. They really know how to surprise you. They actually do whatever the hell they want. No paper bag is the same. You think they are all the same until you try to glue a moustache to one of them! I look forward to to seeing the short film “Sacked.” Bob’s a freaking lunatic.

If you like supporting art, need a tax deduction or want cool rewards, please watch the funny clip and chip in.

Michael Dalmon & Heather Kafka with Boss. Photo by Marc Wiskemann. Puppets by Beth Been

Dick from Bob Ray’s short film “Sacked”, CrashCam Films

Knuckles from Bob Ray’s short film “Sacked”, CrashCam Films
This guy later had a white Mexican wedding shirt on and arms. really funny arms.

Bloodshots 2008: Blown Up

Here’s a link to our team’s (Red Skies Production)
entry to Bloodshots 2008.

Watch Blown Up and PLEASE RATE IT!!!!

Blown Up! Making A 48 hr Horror Movie

Nathan as Joe -Blown Up

Me as Mama- Blown Up

Bettie Rage and Orion - Blown Up

If I hadn’t spent all weekend making a horror movie (Bloodshots 2008: Make a horror film in 48 hours, part of Fantastic Fest 2008), I’d tell you all about it. It was a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong, 7 minutes of film takes at least 48 hours but I’ve seen the final product and it’s pretty freaking cool for a creative endeavor we came up with, shot, editted and scored in a weekend. I’d love to show it to you now, but you’ll have to come back! Once the video is online, I will give you the lowdown, show you all the photos, thank all our sponsors (crew/cast)  and let you rate it for yourself! Until the movie is posted, here’s a few photos and you should go watch some  Crashtoons.


Emily - Blown Up

Shelly - Blown Up

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