I know I can fly.

5 Ways You Can Fly

Squirrel Suits


Skate Boards
Danny Way
– At 2011 xGames, dr told him he shouldn’t go back out and he won the whole thing on a GIANT ramp.
Jumps the Great Wall of China


Helicopter + Snow Skis


Motorcycle + Balls


Wakeboards, Snowboards and Red Bull. HELL YEAH!


That’s Life with Duane Peters and Corey Parks

Corey Parks is the only woman I have ever seen blow fire. I have always wished Corey Parks had a reality show and this satisfies some of that. Nashville Pussy has spent many years hanging out in Austin so I got to watch many of her antics. Corey once borrowed my lipstick, bit the top off and handed it back.

Die Hunns – Hate N Love

Chelsea Girls