Ozzy and Tony Soprano

Like a Jersey hooker jonesing for a fix, I have to watch The Sopranos. I am fascinated by Tony Soprano and his band of Italian thugs. I haven’t watched it in sequence but it’s not hard to keep up with. Tony is the man and of course all the most beautiful women want to get all up in his power and money.  In one of my favorite story lines, Tony has a Russian girlfriend missing a leg then he ends up with her sister who catches on fire while making Tony a sandwich. He picks up the sister, badly burned from the hospital and tells her he is getting back together with his wife.

I wasn’t interested in mob movies til I went to Italy. My mouth waters when Tony goes to his wine collection and I can smell the food in the restaurants where they decide who to whack or how to retaliate for an infringement on their honor. 

WARNING: The Sopranos is a perverse, gritty and brutal show. Don’t watch these clips with your kids. No one gets hit with a shovel, but if you like to watch Oprah in the middle of the day, an 8 am or 2 pm viewing of the Sopranos me might not be right for you. The video spoof below contains foul language and some others stuff that wouldn’t be good to watch at work. 

Everything is crazier with Ozzy Osbourne. Where in the hell did this come from? I’m not sure what I would do if I saw the guy who plays Tony Soprano in real life. Run? Crawl out a bathroom window. Put a heavy object in my purse and smile a lot? They are very bad boys.

This is very strange: Bill and Hillary Soprano?
Soprano Ohs.

 7 Seven Minute Sopranos – a “whacked out” refresher.
This reveals to me that I have seen all these episodes
but in a very strange order. Don’t tell me the ending!!!!!