Glamourpuss, Marfa, Tiny Top Hats…

People tell me I’m crazy, but maybe because they don’t know about Julie Jackson. I  mean anyone who puts the word FUCK on cross stitch is crazy, right? Actually, it makes them a genius, but there’s more….Kitty Wigs? That’s right! And there’s a new book on it’s way called Glamourpuss. If you haven’t seen these wigs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Grahm Norton and Anderson Cooper you can read about them in Businessweek, LA Times, etc, etc, etc….because Julie is not only a crafting dynamo, she is a marketing machine!!!!


Glamourpuss officially comes out October 1, 2009


Julie wrote this great article for my favorite about
Katherine Shaughnessy down Marfa way.


I like to imagine this wig is in tribute to the Scarlot Harlot who
often sports this hair color


…but my dog wears tiny top hats so you see I live in a crazy
dreamworld and will believe whatever I want!


Lacy Been, International Super Model, has her own cat, Hot Potato,
and is working as my tiny top hat model to buy her a kitty wig.
Finally, a reason to ask someone if their pussy is wearing a wig!!!

Groovee Fortune Web Crafty Challenge Winner

And the Winner of the Groovee Fortune
Web Crafty Challenge is….

Felicia Graham

MANY THANKS to Groovee Fortune Client &
Judge Julie Jackson of Subversive
Cross Stitch
& Kitty Wigs
Sponsored by Texas Rollergirls

Julie Jackson is turning Japanese, I really think so!

This is the first year Groovee Fortune has given away a web page. It’s so exciting to have crafting powerhouse, Julie Jackson as a judge for the Groovee Fortune Web Crafty Challenge. Not only does she do the coolest cross stitching in the world, but she recently launched her new company KITTY WIGS. Julie racked up tons of press with Subversive Cross Stitch. I’ve already seen Kitty Wigs on Anderson Cooper, Graham Norton (w/ guests: Sharon Osbournce and Bon Jovi) and in Business Week; but newest praise comes from the East and it’s COOOOOL!!!


Kitty Wigs in Harper Bazaar Japan

Kitty Wigs will be in the pages of Harpers Bazaar JAPAN in April!!! Imagine Julie Jackson, laying around on a giant pile of pillows cross stitching some dirty about your grandma, when one of her helper monkeys brings the new issue. Yes he is wearing a wig! The kitties go wild wearing an array of wigs & gather around as she reads Harpers aloud.

Hell, people are already putting Kitty Wigs on dogs!

Come back Saturday, March 8 to see who wins the Groovee Contest. Thanks Julie!!!!


Groovee Finalists

Groovee Fortune had a crazy contest to give away a web page. The Finalists entries are in and the Winner will be revealed March 8, 2008.

Web Crafty Challenge Finalists

Felicia Graham Kurtis D Machler
Dan Grappe Lucy Bruno

The Envelope Please – Winner announced March 8, 2008

Groovee Fortune Client & Judge Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross Stitch & Kitty Wigs has won 2 craft challenges and inspired this whole activity.

Sponsored by Texas Rollergirls


Hell Yes – Kitty Wigs

Kitty Wigs

I think I am pretty crafty, crazy and weird, but due to the recent release of Kitty  Wigs, I have to give the craziest, craftiest, weirdest tiara to Ms. Julie Jackson.

Groovee Fortune worked on the Subversive Cross-Stitch web page where you can purchase some sewing for your foul mouthed cross-stitching granny. Be sure to get the book! Now this NEW, amazing, ground breaking creation – Kitty  Wigs. The perrrrrfect gift for all those “cat people” friends and relatives. I can’t stop laughing. Life is really meant to spend more time putting wigs on cats and cuss words with teddy bears and candy canes. 

Happy Fucking Holidays by Subversive Cross-Stitch