SXSW 2009 Events and Fun

Will post all the SXSW 2009  events I know about here!



Myopenbar Presents: Four Square Punk And A Roller-Skating Rink By Saucony

Food by Traveling Bistro!!!!!

Myopenbar is returning to Austin this year and we invited 50 of our favorite punk rock bands to come out and play. The result is four stages, in a square formation, with room for your crowd-surfing ass in the middle. And a cameo by a fifth stage: a school bus. And a roller-rink, courtesy of Saucony Originals, with free skate rentals and a chance to win free shoes.



 SXSW Season Events for Girls Rock Camp

Supporters from all over the world will be throwing down in March to show their love for Girls Rock Camp Austin. Don’t miss these rockin’ shows!

Check out the Wooden Birds
includes Rolletta Lynn


Churchwood @ Owl Tree Roasting (IH35 @34thish) 2pm, Crackpipes @ Beerland 6pm, Friday


Groovee Fortune client Cynthia Bloom recommends Noelle Hampton


Don’t forget
Traveling Bistro Sunday Brunch at NOMAD!

March 15

Turkey and Sausage Gumbo w/ White Rice
Roasted Pork Loin w/ Creole Mustard Sauce
Tomato and Bell Pepper and Cheese Omelet
Ham and Cheese Omelet
Combo Omelet
Mixed Greens and Artichoke Hearts
Peach Waffle

March 22

Deluxe B-L-T
Cedar Planked Salmon
Eggs any style
3 Bean Salad
Malted Waffle



Plutopia 2009 – Living Systems

The 9th Annual EFF-Austin SXSWi After Party
Beth Been aka the Scarlot Harlot  will have art and merch.
An extravaganza of music, art, & performance – The Biggest SXSWi Party
Monday, March 16, 2009, 6pm – midnight
Palmer Events Center map

FREE to all SXSW badge holders, $10 General Public. All welcome!


Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels screening in Austin on Sun, March 15 at 6pm.
The kick ass Scoot Inn Bar on the East Side in Austin will host the screening.  There’ll be movie, DVDs for sale, filmmakers in attendance, post-screening Q&A, drinks!  Good times.


Sunday, March 15th at 6pm.
1308 East 4th Street
Austin, TX


Year of the Ox

year of the oxThe Year of the Ox, which emphasizes prosperity through fortitude and dependable, hard labour, begins January 26, 2009. I am the Year of the Pig/Wild Boar in the Chinese New Year calendar and even redesigned my web site Groovee Fortune with a Karate Pig in 2007 the Year of the Golden Pig. My husband is an Ox, so I decided to see what was in store for 2009.

“Although we were warned of the Rat’s bite, many were not prepared for the upheavals and misfortunes that hit the world in 2008.

The effects of the Rat year will continue to spill over to the Ox Year, so we will still feel the impact. But with resilience and hard work, we can ride out the storm.” Insight into the Ox year – Sun 2 Surf

Can you believe Obama is an Ox! It would be cool if Bush was a Rat but GW is a Fire Pig. I am a Metal Pig (ha ha!) and GW had a pretty good year in 2007.

Ox – You may have been disappointed by a relatively modest 2008, but as your sign enters the heaven, the groundwork you laid should start paying off in 2009. Don’t expect fireworks, but success should arrive both in your family life and in business. This is a great year to achieve personal ambitions as well as take action on major decisions. You’ll find both family and friends supportive of new plans.

red wineConsidering my husband started his company, Traveling Bistro, last year, I like the sounds of this prediction. Go OX! Go OX! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! Wait! It’s actually your whole yearcuz a birthday can only spill into a few weeks before getting messing.

Best of Luck to all in the Chinese New Year!!!!! In honor of this year and my husband’s new business, I offer up a Year of the Ox Recipe for Ginger-Steamed Wild Black Bass with Stir-Fried Chinese Greens and a wine list to ring in the New Year!

Way to Hook ‘Em Horns

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Texas v Ohio State

TEXAS! TEXAS!!! YEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!! You gave ’em HELL, gave ’em HELL and made them eat SHIT! Go Horns Go!!!

First off, here’s a big FU to all the folks who didn’t let the Texas Longhorns play in the big game. Oklahoma’s quarterback better shoot fire out of his ass to show up UT’s performance at the Fiesta Bowl. But what else would you expect since the fellows making all the crucial college ball decisions are as likely to make the worst decision possible on any controversy as the Longhorns are going to make you hang on the edge of your seat till the final moment of any game. As a UT Alumni and a former Hook ‘Em Mascot, I can’t really remember things being any other way, except sometimes you get your ass kissed royally because you are a Longhorn. That’s always a lot more fun and sometime there are free drinks.

Congratulations to the Texas Longhorns!!!!

And also to Mr. Beau Been, owner of the Rockstars, for winning the 2008 Waterloo Crew Fantasy Football League title for the FOURTH time in 11 years, while simultaneously starting a new catering company!! Beau, you rock as hard as Colt McCoy running for his own touchdown!

Texan Beau Been

Turkey day was DELICIOUS

Beth Been’s favorite food photos from Thanksgiving 2008

Beth Been's Favorite Turkey Photos

The Newest Been with his proud uncle Beau

little z and proud uncle beau

Aunt Beth and Little Z

little z and aunt beth

Cherrywood Art Fair – Dec 13 & 14

cherrywood art fair

Don’t miss the Cherrywood Art Fair!!! Food by Traveling Bistro. Including creations by Groovee Fortune clients/artists Bolsa Bonita and Soy Delites!!!!!

It will be good holiday fun with delicious food!!!!

Traveling Bistro Brunch Menus for Dec & Jan

Traveling Bistro - Catering in Austin, Tx

Sunday Brunch

11 a.m at NOMAD ~ 1213 Corona Dr. ~ Austin, TX

$13 Great Food by Traveling Bistro
$10 Bottomless Mimosas by NOMAD



December 08 & January 09 Menus

Come enjoy the Featured Items as well as our brunch favorites of Waffles, Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Hash Browns and Bagels and Lox!


December 7 Featured Items

Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin with Maple Mustard Glaze
Egg Noodles with Chicken and Fresh Herbs
Bacon and Cheddar Quiche
Asparagus and Swiss Quiche
Baby Spinach Salad
Butter Pecan Waffle

December 14 Featured Items

Pork Adobo
Chicken Chilaquiles
Chorizo and Egg Scramble
Potato and Jack Egg Scramble
Combo Egg Scramble
Brown Rice Salad
Cornmeal Waffle

December 21 Featured Items

Italian Roast Beef
Orange Cranberry Glazed Chicken
Mushroom, Herb and Swiss Omelet
Finocchiona and Pecorino Omelet
Classic Caesar Salad
Bacon and Black Pepper Waffle

December 28

Happy Holidays! Traveling Bistro will return on January 11!

January 4

Happy Holidays! Traveling Bistro will return on January 11!

January 11 Featured Items

Smothered Pork Chop
Breakfast Sausage Links
Eggs Benedict
Eggs Florentine
Chopped Salad
French Toast “Waffle”

January 18 Featured Items
Why I Heart Beer Day!

Sierra Nevada Pork Loin
Skirt Steak with Maredsous 8 Sauce
Boudin Omelet
Spinach and Swiss Omelet
Carrot and Romaine Salad w/ Lindemans Peche and Tarragon Dressing
Guinness Waffle

January 25 Featured Items

Smoked Ham with Honey Glaze
Jerked Turkey Breast
4 Cheese Omelet
Green Chili, Chicken and Cheddar Omelet
Potato, Roasted Pepper and Feta Salad
Pumpkin Waffle

On A Bus to Wurstfest 08

Wurstfest 2008

Traveling Bistro has Sunday Brunch at the NOMAD, recently voted the Best Local Neighborhood Bar 2008 by the Austin Chronicle. So we were in the know when NOMAD chartered a bus to Wurstfest 2008, a German fest in New Braunfels, Texas.

What happens when you meet at a bar, to ride on a bus with a keg to a beer and sausage fest and then back on the bus returning to the bar? I’ll just show you. Let’s just say the theme of this whole adventure was BEER!!! yum!!!!

Wurstfest 2008

Just inside the gate.

Wurstfest 2008

We aren’t sure who held us up for this photo

Wurstfest 2008

Some people saw pink elephants, others saw dragons.

Wurstfest 2008

Parmesan Stuffed Olives!!! Food, delicious food everywhere!

Wurstfest 2008

Wurstfest, the 49th annual “Salute to Sausage”

Wurstfest 2008

See more Wurstfest 2008 photos at the House of Been