Hell Marys love the Cathedral of Junk. Save it!

After more than 20 years of life, the Cathedral of Junk is not up to code. Wonder what cranky neighbor or busy body came after this “Keep Austin Weird” artistic landmark.  Maybe a fat cat has an original condo idea for this fella’s backyard?

While I believe there is a solution being worked on right now to Save the Cathedral, it’s ridiculous for a city that boasts “Live Music Capital of the World” and “Keep Austin Weird” to be so reckless with it’s creative types. I don’t recall anyone building a musicians/bartender/sound guy condo downtown so the people who make their money on 6th st or Red River could walk to work. I haven’t forgotten about the Intel building despite it’s recent strickening from the Austin skyline. The artists even converted that eye soar into a work of beauty with aerial performance.

Okay…I’m stepping off my soapbox and want to show the Celesta Danger photos of  the Hell Marys at the Cathedral of Junk which won an Austin Chronicle 2006 Best of Austin Award and has 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Yelp.  There are more photos but these are just some random ones I found. LEAVE the Cathedral alone! Geezzz! Please post a comment if you have any useful links.

The Scarlot Harlot

Misty Meaner

The Wrench

Bea Attitude

Muffin Tumble

Annie Social

1983 – Octopussy title sequence

Back in the 80s, the sexual noose wasn’t so much around your neck. A movie could come out with the word “pussy” in it, and you would still let you still let your kids go see it. I must have seen Octopussyon the big screen at the Carlisle Theater in Dimmitt, Tx. Did we get to see nippy? It’s just hilarious, now!


Carlisle Theater in Dimmitt, July1990
Photo by Billy Smith

I loved Octopussy! Roger Moore is my favorite 007 but this title sequence is ridiculous. Bond, James Bond deserves something more than this! It looks like a Nagel feminine hygiene ad. The guy swinging the lady around in circles is priceless. Is that freaking Anne Murry? Oh shit! Anne looks fantastic by the way!

WARNING: If you are under 18, I am telling your parents you watched this.

SXSW 2009 Events and Fun

Will post all the SXSW 2009  events I know about here!



Myopenbar Presents: Four Square Punk And A Roller-Skating Rink By Saucony

Food by Traveling Bistro!!!!!

Myopenbar is returning to Austin this year and we invited 50 of our favorite punk rock bands to come out and play. The result is four stages, in a square formation, with room for your crowd-surfing ass in the middle. And a cameo by a fifth stage: a school bus. And a roller-rink, courtesy of Saucony Originals, with free skate rentals and a chance to win free shoes.



 SXSW Season Events for Girls Rock Camp

Supporters from all over the world will be throwing down in March to show their love for Girls Rock Camp Austin. Don’t miss these rockin’ shows!

Check out the Wooden Birds
includes Rolletta Lynn


Churchwood @ Owl Tree Roasting (IH35 @34thish) 2pm, Crackpipes @ Beerland 6pm, Friday


Groovee Fortune client Cynthia Bloom recommends Noelle Hampton


Don’t forget
Traveling Bistro Sunday Brunch at NOMAD!

March 15

Turkey and Sausage Gumbo w/ White Rice
Roasted Pork Loin w/ Creole Mustard Sauce
Tomato and Bell Pepper and Cheese Omelet
Ham and Cheese Omelet
Combo Omelet
Mixed Greens and Artichoke Hearts
Peach Waffle

March 22

Deluxe B-L-T
Cedar Planked Salmon
Eggs any style
3 Bean Salad
Malted Waffle



Plutopia 2009 – Living Systems

The 9th Annual EFF-Austin SXSWi After Party
Beth Been aka the Scarlot Harlot  will have art and merch.
An extravaganza of music, art, & performance – The Biggest SXSWi Party
Monday, March 16, 2009, 6pm – midnight
Palmer Events Center map

FREE to all SXSW badge holders, $10 General Public. All welcome!


Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels screening in Austin on Sun, March 15 at 6pm.
The kick ass Scoot Inn Bar on the East Side in Austin will host the screening.  There’ll be movie, DVDs for sale, filmmakers in attendance, post-screening Q&A, drinks!  Good times.


Sunday, March 15th at 6pm.
1308 East 4th Street
Austin, TX

Sneezy? Cold, Flu or Allergies???!

sneeze the right way

Unfortunately, it’s cold and flu season. One day you are running errands, hanging out with friends, grabbing a beer at the local bar and BOOM with only a few sneezes, you are reduced to a babbling, irritate giant nose with their head in a giant fish bowl. Daily tasks become like a confusing standardized test and any time you lay down, any congestion relief is a thing of the past.

To make cold season even more fun, if you live in Austin, Tx, you might have to go a few rounds with Cedar Fever, a confusing. fever included, sneezing – half allergy, half cold – irritating aliment. Drippy nose, soar throat, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze fun straight into the depths of breathing hell and thinking impossible, it’s a lot of fun.

I got a little nip of Cedar Fever last week and after a wide variety of self remedies I thought I might find some online. My favorite is licorice and Tobasco. Jalapeno’s and Wasabi are good, too.

sneez guard

big sneeze game

Is It a Cold or the Flu?

Got the sniffles? Try our readers’ remedies

Quiz: Cold, Flu, or Allergies?

Cold and Flu Report. This article is from 2007-2008 but I still found good stuff.

Little Beau’s Peep

Little Bo Peep and a Vamp

Here is my best effort at Little Bo Peep but i was actually Little Beau’s Peep cuz my husband is named “Beau.” Unfortunately, there was an incident with the wool on his sheep’s costume and he had to go as a samurai.

Little Bo Peep and Samari

I hemmed the dress and made the bonnet from the extra fabric. I also sewed the little sheep necklace. I made a little staff and left if at home. At least Lacy Been was willing to be sheep as long as she got bacon treats!

Little Beau's Peep and her sheep

It was a really fun night. Except when the demon attacked the flapper.

Flapper Attacked By Demon

See More Photos of Halloween 2008.

Roller derby’s ‘Hell on Wheels’ rolls out special distribution

Crashcam Films - Austin TX

The Scarlot Harlot can be seen rock n rolling, attacking Dave Attel  
& other rowdy shit in the Crashcam Films release “Hell on Wheels


Hell on Wheels Premiere



Hell on Wheels After Party


Seven Spanish Angels

Seven Spanish Angels by Beth Been

Beth Been, Seven Spanish Angels

More Willie Nelson Art

Ray Charles, Leon Russell  & Willie Nelson
A Song For You. Willie seems so serious.

my dog is a supermodel


lacy been, international supermodel, is always
strutting her stuff on the runway.


Roller derby is back….

harlot.gifKLRU Austin Now Video
It’s Back: Austin fans crazy for roller girls

Some nerd took screen shots of themselves to make an animated clip for the Scarlot Harlot to post on her web page. HA! This is a real blast from the past. Watch COOL clip  from around 2002 -2003?

This KLRU clip makes the Scarlot Harlot want to stand with all the rollergirls and have a big group hug which is just how you end up getting dogpiled and punched in the gut.

So you wanna look really far into roller derby past when Beerland, Tx  just opened and the Holy Rollers had their new blue satin jackets? The Scarlot Harlot wasn’t skating at this time. Instead she was making the web page and taking photos. See and example of the web at that time and some Scarlot Harlot photos.