The Brain

This explanation of the brain is amazing. Alzheimer’s is a sad thing and the graphics for the Alzheimer’s sections has less appealing graphics. Fascinating, none the less. Suppport the Alzheimer’s Association. I still can’t believe Soleil Moon Frye beat Terrel Owens!!!!! I bet he didn’t care because Soliel is cute and his poor grandma has Alzheimer’s. My grandmother had it, too.


The Cupcake SmackDown

Come to the Cupcake Smackdowm, Saturday, August 1st! Traveling Bistro will be providing the only non-cupcake food items, Jerk Chicken on a Stick and Bourbon and Coke Pork Chop on a Stick! Beau Been is in this Fox 7 clip! The event is dog and people friendly!!!! WATCH FOX 7 highlight.



I just posted soccer dynamo Shea Salinas and now you need to know
about his brother, aqua man Kobi Salinas! Look out Eli and Peyton!

While we are talking Salinas, I want to point out another Salinas I am very proud of. Sergeant Gabriel Salinas of Company A 142 Infantry of the Arrow Head Division is on his second tour and he should be home in July.   See how much he looks like his kicking and swimming cousins!!!!


Gabe Salinas

Gabe’s brother Anthony is athletic trainer at Canyon Randall and his wife Suni coaches jr high in Canyon, too. Their sister Katy has 3 kids, 2 being twins and you need some sports savvy for that. Her oldest just started T ball and  her husband, Josh coaches boys basketball at Eula.  There are also 2 more cousins, Ken and Lindsay, a brother and sister duo who coach girls basketball in Springtown. I’m telling, the Salinas clan means business when it comes to sports. You’ve been warned.


Where’s Salinas?

shea salinas

Shea Salinas is my uncle’s brother’s son. My cousins’ cousin. I have no idea if that makes him related to me or not. It’s cool regardless. I know his dad and he looks a lot like  him and my cousins, Anthony and Gabe.

Year of the Ox

year of the oxThe Year of the Ox, which emphasizes prosperity through fortitude and dependable, hard labour, begins January 26, 2009. I am the Year of the Pig/Wild Boar in the Chinese New Year calendar and even redesigned my web site Groovee Fortune with a Karate Pig in 2007 the Year of the Golden Pig. My husband is an Ox, so I decided to see what was in store for 2009.

“Although we were warned of the Rat’s bite, many were not prepared for the upheavals and misfortunes that hit the world in 2008.

The effects of the Rat year will continue to spill over to the Ox Year, so we will still feel the impact. But with resilience and hard work, we can ride out the storm.” Insight into the Ox year – Sun 2 Surf

Can you believe Obama is an Ox! It would be cool if Bush was a Rat but GW is a Fire Pig. I am a Metal Pig (ha ha!) and GW had a pretty good year in 2007.

Ox – You may have been disappointed by a relatively modest 2008, but as your sign enters the heaven, the groundwork you laid should start paying off in 2009. Don’t expect fireworks, but success should arrive both in your family life and in business. This is a great year to achieve personal ambitions as well as take action on major decisions. You’ll find both family and friends supportive of new plans.

red wineConsidering my husband started his company, Traveling Bistro, last year, I like the sounds of this prediction. Go OX! Go OX! It’s your birthday! It’s your birthday! Wait! It’s actually your whole yearcuz a birthday can only spill into a few weeks before getting messing.

Best of Luck to all in the Chinese New Year!!!!! In honor of this year and my husband’s new business, I offer up a Year of the Ox Recipe for Ginger-Steamed Wild Black Bass with Stir-Fried Chinese Greens and a wine list to ring in the New Year!

Sneezy? Cold, Flu or Allergies???!

sneeze the right way

Unfortunately, it’s cold and flu season. One day you are running errands, hanging out with friends, grabbing a beer at the local bar and BOOM with only a few sneezes, you are reduced to a babbling, irritate giant nose with their head in a giant fish bowl. Daily tasks become like a confusing standardized test and any time you lay down, any congestion relief is a thing of the past.

To make cold season even more fun, if you live in Austin, Tx, you might have to go a few rounds with Cedar Fever, a confusing. fever included, sneezing – half allergy, half cold – irritating aliment. Drippy nose, soar throat, sneeze, sneeze, sneeze fun straight into the depths of breathing hell and thinking impossible, it’s a lot of fun.

I got a little nip of Cedar Fever last week and after a wide variety of self remedies I thought I might find some online. My favorite is licorice and Tobasco. Jalapeno’s and Wasabi are good, too.

sneez guard

big sneeze game

Is It a Cold or the Flu?

Got the sniffles? Try our readers’ remedies

Quiz: Cold, Flu, or Allergies?

Cold and Flu Report. This article is from 2007-2008 but I still found good stuff.

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