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Give them a few years and shave the other guy’s beard.

SXSW 2011 Photos Hilights

Please return your tray tables to upright and locked position. Extinguish all smoking materials and place your piles of empty Lonestar tallboys in a trashed container. SXSW is OVER!!!! Get off this CRAZY ride and GO HOME!

Due to an unbelievable amount of confusion mixed with exhaustion, I will post a few of my favorites and leave the rest to your imagination. See all the  SXSW 2011 photos! Photos include HONKY, Amplified Heat, Texas Terri, Black Eyed Vermilion, The Hickoids, myself with many old friends and more!

Peelander Z at Spider House

Peelander Red rocking my nephew Little Z

Jeff Pinkus (bass) of  HONKY and Blaine Cartwright  (lead vocals & guitar) of Nashville Pussy on a date. Dreamy…

Barefoot Redneck Justin of HONKY

House of Broken Promises. I love the rifle mic stand. So loud I woke up immediately!

One of my favorite photos. Andy Bastard is a very funny guy! Corri is a very funny girl. Super funny!

Black Eyed Vermillion

Wish this photo wasn’t so blurry! Gian (bass) from Amplified Heat fogging up my lens cap.

Texas Terri and a  Tambourine Fairy

and that’s the end of it. SXSzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




Misc Travel Photos

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Santa Monica, CA

Santa Monica, CA

Vatican City, Italy

Madrid, Spain

Barcelona, Spain



Cccp – American Soviets

One of my favorites! Remember how scared we used to be of the Soviets? Now it’s all about the Arabs. I don’t wholeheartedly trust either but I have have learned a lot from both. I don’t trust a lot of Americans. I do trust that in if a worldly Russian, an suave Arab and a cool American walked into a dance club and this was playing, they’d all dance! They’d just have to DANCE. Ahhhh the snake charmer dance. Another of my favorites!

Since posting this, I had had to add another favorite song!

Give me Wings!!!

The Beatles have some great songs but I am in not their biggest fan. You’ll just have to read about my Sgt Pepper dilemmas to see how that could be so. Wings on the other hand is a big favorite. A band conceived in the year of my birthday and I loved the fact Paul McCartney’s wife, Linda, was in the band. I remember swimming at the pool while listening to Wings, dancing in my bright yellow bathing suit.

Paul is my favorite Beatle… Stella is my favorite McCartney….

Helter Skelter and Something are probably my favorite Beatles Songs.

Imagine is another favorite but that belongs to John Lennon, right? I’m still in shock Lennon’s musical career lead to his assassination. Maybe it was payback for the failed assassinations on Lenin? It seems I liked the Beatles best in their solo careers .

George Harrison makes me think of  Beau when I met him  in the Something video. I always thought Elvis sang this song?  The Beatles were so much cuter with the long hair. Their proper look is a little to tight assed for me  but I  always have some Sgt Pepper in my craw. Give me Wings or give me the Bee Gees singing Beatles songs!

Chinese New Year with China Coast

It’s almost time for Chinese New Year. February 14th will bring us into the Year of the Tiger. I am Year of the Boar  in the East and in the West I am Aquarian. Lucky for me I recently read that the Tiger is most closely related to Aquarius so I am gonna ride the tiger for all it is worth. The Year of the Ox (my husband’s )  has been filled with a lot of hard work and plenty of success but I am looking forward to running quickly and being fierce and in animal print! The Tiger’s Motto is “I Win!” and of course you love The Eye of the Tiger!!!!

One of the most dynamic signs in the zodiac, Tigers are truly a force of nature. They are by turns dependable, unpredictable, fearless and stout-hearted, tender and loving. For all the world appearing at times to be quiet homebodies, Tigers may just as suddenly change course, and pack up to travel to some far-flung exotic destination.

Groovee Fortune recently designed an Email Postcard for  China Coast in celebration of the new year and I wanted to share it with you. China Coast, Asian Art and Antiques, deals in beautiful objects, textiles and jewerly from all over the world. Really amazing stuff. Below are a few of my favorite pieces.  You can learn about Asian Art, find out about current Asian Art Collections , etc.

Reverse Glass Painting from Indonesia

Canton Enamel Chocolate Set

I have totally missed a whole month of blogging so
I am happy to begin another new year so I can keep up.
Get ready for a Happy Chinese New Year!  

No Hay Igual

Nelly Furtado gets sexier every day! OUCH!!!
and I love Calle 13.



If you love art, this is the BEST way to see some of the best art in Austin and participate in a lot of fun activities! Don’t Miss the East Austin Studio Tour 2009!!! 9 days of FREE art over 2 weekends!!!


They want to eat everyone!!!

Pitbull – I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)

I love this song! I can’t get it out of my head! Where’s my mojito!!!

I wanna go to a club and dance to this!
Honorebel featuring Pitbull and Jump Smokers
‘Now You See It’ (On Ultra Mix 2)