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Glamourpuss, Marfa, Tiny Top Hats…

People tell me I’m crazy, but maybe because they don’t know about Julie Jackson. I  mean anyone who puts the word FUCK on cross stitch is crazy, right? Actually, it makes them a genius, but there’s more….Kitty Wigs? That’s right! And there’s a new book on it’s way called Glamourpuss. If you haven’t seen these wigs on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Grahm Norton and Anderson Cooper you can read about them in Businessweek, LA Times, etc, etc, etc….because Julie is not only a crafting dynamo, she is a marketing machine!!!!


Glamourpuss officially comes out October 1, 2009


Julie wrote this great article for my favorite Craftzine.com about
Katherine Shaughnessy down Marfa way.


I like to imagine this wig is in tribute to the Scarlot Harlot who
often sports this hair color


…but my dog wears tiny top hats so you see I live in a crazy
dreamworld and will believe whatever I want!


Lacy Been, International Super Model, has her own cat, Hot Potato,
and is working as my tiny top hat model to buy her a kitty wig.
Finally, a reason to ask someone if their pussy is wearing a wig!!!

The Cupcake SmackDown

Come to the Cupcake Smackdowm, Saturday, August 1st! Traveling Bistro will be providing the only non-cupcake food items, Jerk Chicken on a Stick and Bourbon and Coke Pork Chop on a Stick! Beau Been is in this Fox 7 clip! The event is dog and people friendly!!!! WATCH FOX 7 highlight.


Bad Kitty

Beau Been showed me this weird video on Boing Boing. I’m not sure I like the leather daddy version of the black hello kitties. It’s fun anyway.

Little Beau’s Peep

Little Bo Peep and a Vamp

Here is my best effort at Little Bo Peep but i was actually Little Beau’s Peep cuz my husband is named “Beau.” Unfortunately, there was an incident with the wool on his sheep’s costume and he had to go as a samurai.

Little Bo Peep and Samari

I hemmed the dress and made the bonnet from the extra fabric. I also sewed the little sheep necklace. I made a little staff and left if at home. At least Lacy Been was willing to be sheep as long as she got bacon treats!

Little Beau's Peep and her sheep

It was a really fun night. Except when the demon attacked the flapper.

Flapper Attacked By Demon

See More Photos of Halloween 2008.

Shitty Day? Be Squirrely

Now I wanna dress up a squirrel!!

Saturday Brunch at NOMAD by Travling Bistro


Traveling Bistro 



Bettie Rage gets better with age!

Bettie Rage by Celesta Danger

Scarlot Harlot would have never been in the roller derby if Bettie Rage hadn’t loaned her skates, knee pads, etc. She was encouraging and supportive and didn’t even think twice when Scarlot joined the Holy Rollers, rather than her team the Rhinestone Cowgirls.

 Today is Bettie Rage’s Birthday and here are some of Scarlot Harlot’s favorite photos. The main question being, why wasn’t Bettie Rage a Hell Mary! Look at all the red!

 Bettie Rage, Scarlot Harlot and Holly Graphics
Bettie Rage, Scarlot Harlot and Holly Graphics at Cheapos



Nashville Pussy Video Shoot

Do you even know about the Nashville Pussy Video Shoot?

the original rhinestone cowgirls

These are the original Rhinestone Cowgirls!!! I forgot Electra was one of them!!! This is the first team photo ever submitted for the BGGW web page.

Rhinestone Cowgirls Halloween

Bettie Rage is only person in this photo still skating. She was there when I got to roller derby and she was still there when I left.


A few more just to prove how Hell Mary Bettie Rage can be!!!!

White Ghost Shivers Halloween

I KNOW! I see all the devil horns too!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETTIE RAGE!!!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! Including my addiction to SingStar and Pocky! WE LOVE YOU!!!! Scarlot, Beau, Lacy and Hot Potato


Lacy Been - I Can Eat Easter

Happy Easter from Groovee Fortune!
Have a Great Day. Spend some time with family & friends!

Scarlot Harlot, Beth, Beau, Lacy & Hot Potato Been

This is a reference to I Can Has Cheezburger.
I fully admit I don’t understand all of them,
but the pictures are always funny!!!!

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This is fun!
This was there, too!

Lacy Been - Guarding the Eggs




Anderson Cooperduper can’t laugh with Kitty Wigs????

Who can expect Anderson Cooperduper to understand the true beauty of the fact a cat will sit still in a wig on and poses for a photo? Your cat rules too!!!! if it will wear a Kitty Wig. It’s like going back to Egypt where the cats always wore wigs. I don’t trust Anderson Cooperduper the way I trust a Kitty Wig. I trust the wig will be cool not the cat!#$#%#@$! Please tell me about something funnier? It’s so creepy, too.

After you see the wigs live on the “real news” (this is actual news and not the Daily Show right?), you should check out this photographer, Allison V. Smith.